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Gas Compressor 
Mechanical Seals
Cartridge & Non-Cartridge Mechanical Seals for Rotary Vane and Screw Gas Compressors.
​Single Spring  Bellows Mechanical Seals
Single Cartridge Mechanical Seals
WSC Mechanical Seals Products
We take pride in our wide selection of high quality mechanical seals. Quality Control guidelines are followed during all manufacturing & QC inspections.  WSC Mechanical Seals excel where other brands have failed.

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Our most popular line of mechanical seals with the broadest size selection & material options available.
a simple-to-install, unitized cartridge mounted, balanced, multiple spring seal which requires no measuring for installation. 
Dual Cartridge
Mechanical Seals
Dual mechanical seals incorporate liquid shear pumping to remove heat from the seal faces.

Stationary & Rotary Seal Face Materials
Pump & Rotary Vane Gas Compressor Complete Repair Kits
Large selection of Mechanical Seal Stationary & Rotary Seal Face materials and sizes available.
Selection of Pump & Gas Compressor Complete Repair Kits or Individual Parts
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.