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Goulds Pump Complete Repair Kits
Rotary Vane Gas Compressor Complete Repair Kits
WSC Mechanical Seals carries many different Centrifugal Pump Repair Kits.  Unlike OEM supplied repair kits, our 3196 Goulds, 3756 Goulds, & 3656 Goulds Pump repair kits have undergone our Quality Control Program.  Every mechanical seal is the correct size with the customer's choice of mechanical seal faces instead of the OEM standard Carbon vs. Ceramic.  With every 3196 Goulds Kit, as well as every repair kit, our Mechanical Seal Sleeves freely slide onto your pump shaft, Mechanical Seal Glands properly fit, Stationary Mechanical Seal faces are dimensionally correct to prevent spinning, & all pump gaskets are cut to precise dimensions.
WSC Mechanical Seal offers Pump Repair Kits, or Single Items if needed, for the following pumps & more.
Goulds 3196 ST - Standard Bore
Goulds 3196 STX - Enlarged Bore
Goulds 3196 MT - Standard Bore
Goulds 3196 MTX - Enlarged Bore
Goulds 3196 LT - Standard Bore
Goulds 3196 LTX - Enlarged Bore
Goulds 3196 XLTX - Standard Bore
Goulds 3756
Goulds 3656
Goulds 3996
Durco Pumps
Flygt Pumps
Roper Pumps
Griswold Pumps
We offer complete Rotary Vane Gas Compressor Repair Kits also.  Our Repair Kits are superior in quality and performance compared to our competition.  With over a 100 years of combined experience & knowledge of Rotary Vane Gas Compressors, the guess work has been left far behind.  Our Rotary Vane Compressor parts have proven themselves many times over against any OEM supplied items or any competitor's.  

Please see the following list of Rotary Vane Gas Compressor Repair Kits ready for your use.
RoFlo/Allis Chalmers Compressor Replacement Repair Kits available:
4CC/5CC RoFlo Compressors
7D/8D RoFlo Compressors
208D/208E RoFlo Compressors
10G/210M RoFlo Compressors
11S/11L RoFlo Compressors
12S/12L RoFlo Compressors
211M/212M Roflo Compressors
17S/17L Roflo Compressors
19S/19L RoFlo Compressors
219/219M Roflo Compressors
Hybon Compressor Replacement Repair Kits available:
50A/50W Hybon Compressors
90A/90W Hybon Compressors
200A/200W Hybon Compressors
Utile Compressor Replacement Repair Kits available:
HD 72/HD 124 Utile Compressors
VR 85/VR 150 Utile Compressors

If a Rotary Vane Gas Compressor Repair Kit is not enough, World Sealing Corporation offers complete Rotary Vane Compressor overhauls or general reconditioning.  Having the largest horizontal boring mill in the southern United States, there isn't a rotary vane compressor too large for our facilities.