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Gas Compressor Mechanical Seals
The WSC15 Single Cartridge Mechanical Seal, an exclusive WSC design, fits any Ro-Flo or Allis Chalmers Rotary Vane Gas Compressor without any modifications needed.  With a low mechanical seal face load, a worry free installation approach, & little seal face wear, the "Original" WSC15 is in a league of its own.  A Silicon Carbide mating ring mechanical seal face has recently been adapted to the WSC15 also, to ensure the quality of seal life we deliver to our customers.  WSC15 Mechanical Seals are in stock daily, sizes include 1.250", 1.625", 2.625", 3.000", & 3.500".  Complete Ro-Flo/Allis Chalmers Rotary Vane Gas Compressor repair kits or items are also in stock daily.
WSC15 Cartridge Mechanical Seal
Fits Ro-Flo And Allis Chalmers Rotary Vane Gas Compressors
WSC2 Mechanical Seal
Fits A Wide Variety Of Rotary Vane & Gas Screw Compressors
WSC21 Mechanical Seal
Fits Sullair Gas Screw Compressors
The WSC2 Single Spring Mechanical Seal fits a variety of Rotary Vane Compressors and Gas Screw Compressors.  We maintain a large selection of WSC2 Mechanical Seals available daily with various mechanical seal face combinations to choose from.  The WSC2 Mechanical Seal is utilized in Rotary Vane Gas Compressors such as:  RoFlo/Allis Chalmers, Utile, & Hybon Gas Compressors.  The WSC2 Mechanical Seal is also evident in Gas Screw Compressors such as:  Gardner Denver, LeRoi, & Elgi Gas Screw Compressors.
The WSC21 Mechanical Seal fits a variety of Gas Screw Compressors like the WSC2 Mechanical Seal, but are prominent in Sullair Gas Screw Compressors.  We stock several different sizes of these mechanical seals that go into Sullair Gas Screw Compressors with a "substantial" price difference from OEM.  Our WSC21 Mechanical Seals, like all other single spring mechanical seals in our inventory, has a variety of mechanical seal faces to apply.  From our standard seal faces, to the premium selection of carbide mechanical seal faces, we are ready to assist your mechanical seal needs.